Guest WiFi 2.0

Added value through innovation.

Know more about your hotel guests and stay connected! tiga.hotel adds a smart marketing layer to your hotel guest WiFi: collecting guest data, improving your online reputation and boosting your social media is done automatically.

Plug&Play Integration

We integrate our service into your existing WiFi infrastructure, all hardware vendors supported. Alternatively we provide a full service solution including hardware.

Collect Guest Data

Guests easily login (one-time) with their preferred email address or social media account. With any next visit they will be recognized automatically.

Analyze &
Activate Marketing Actions

Leverage the data you collected: get to know your guests digitally!
Together with you, we configure and enable automatic marketing actions that will bring guests back, improve your online reputation, boost your social media reach.

Add Value

Marketing Actions


We are an official TripAdvisor Review Collection Partner. With our solution your guests receive a review request after their visit. Receive many positive reviews from guests who did not think about reviewing you before.

Newsletter Marketing

tiga.gourmet includes an advanced Newsletter tool. Send newsletters based on visit frequency or absence duration of your guests. Or send birthday wishes automatically. Newsletter marketing has never been so easy and efficient.

Facebook Page Likes

Connect actual guests at your location to your Facebook page. Experience a continous, natural growth of your Facebook community without any additional spending.


Reach your customers again on Facebook or Google. Our system remembers your guests and you can target based on their visits with just a few clicks. Get more value out of your online marketing activites. Your online marketing agency will love it!

Know More About Your Guests


Guests easily login (one-time) with their preferred email address or social media account.
Returning guests, regardless if visiting the next day or a year later are recoqnized automatically.

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