Customization of WiFi login options and welcome page to suit your branding

  • Choose what you would like to get in exchange for free WiFi - a Facebook Like, Twitter Follow or maybe a good TripAdvisor rating?
  • Select the design for your welcome page.
  • Decide what happens after a customer signs up, signs in and signs out. Would you like to say hello/ thank you or maybe send a discount voucher for next visit?

WiFi analytics - learn more about your customers

  • Obtain real time visibility of your WiFi users
  • Build your customer database – collect demographics such as names, email addresses, birthdays, gender and geographical information
  • Access real time data analytics at any time and receive statistics reports on total amount of users, first time vs repeat users, average internet use length, data usage, success of your marketing campaigns and many more.
  • Monitor trends at your venue and understand your customers' behavior.

Marketing solutions - communicate with your customers

  • Create marketing lists to target customers with right campaigns at the right time
  • Customize email marketing campaigns with our ready made templates
  • Send professional newsletters to inform people about promotions, events and messages of your choice
  • Drive more customers to your venue by sending special offers, holiday and birthday coupons
  • Trigger surveys to assess the quality of your customer service and learn how to improve your performance to build long-lasting customer relationships

Security and content filtering

  • Stay family friendly and protected from inappropriate or illegal downloading & file sharing by restricting certain websites and establishing security layers
  • In order to use WiFi, your customers have to sign up and accept Terms and Conditions as well as marketing guidelines

Hardware solutions

  • tiga.eleven offers own hardware equipment for a professional wifi network which works as stand alone version or is compatibel with your network devices if existing
  • Allows to use the tiga.eleven software
  • Plug & Play installation for small businesses - see products for further details

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